Yet another todo

YATA - Yet Another Todo App

Well well well, the post title says it all. In this tutorial series we are going to build a todo app named YATA.

We will begin creating a simple web page that will grow into an actual app that you can install on your cellphone.

Every step is going to be covered in its own article, so don't worry if you can't understand something for now.


  1. YATA - Yet Another Todo App
  2. Setting up your environment
  3. Create a single page application using vanilla javascript.
  4. Improve the design using css
  5. Converting the app to use react.js
  6. Using localstorage to keep data between sessions
  7. Using electron to convert our app to a desktop application
  8. Improving our app, so it can be installed as a Progressive Web App(PWA)

My intention is to explain everything as well as I can, so people with none or just some experience will be able to complete all the steps.

I am not a great programmer so bear with me along this road to improve our programming skills.

Hello World!

let n = 3

Hi... I guess.

This is the ${n}th time that I try to create a blog; n++ But THIS time it will be different, THIS time the blog will flourish!

There are two main reasons why I am using my necromacer magic to ressurect this old blog.

// first thing

ONE! I like sharing and this should be a great way to teach others how to write aaaand maintain good comments on their code.

// Third reason

TWO! A blog / porftfolio is a great way to show others what I am capable of developing, and then people might make contact with proposals to exchange green paper for my time.

Hope you enjoy my craft and my words!